Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY 30 to 30

I mentioned in my last blog that my dear friend Megan did a 30 to 30 type "bucketlist" last year. I'd like to flatter her by imitation but change it up a bit! I'd like to pair each of my goals with a DIY project! I've been trying to get better about blogging about my projects so this might just force me into it! Keep in mind I really only have 8 months to do all of this because I'm starting late! ACK!

Rox's 30 to 30:

1. Raise chickens and build a chicken coop
2. Write a song with my hubby and sew a mic cover
3. Build my own website and blog about a rug
4. Grow a garden and build a planter
5. Throw a party in our backyard and make pallet furniture
6. Sell things I make by hand... they are already a DIY
7. Go camping and do a meal prep (technically this already happened this month but shh)
8. Go on a missions trip and make a skirt to wear there
9. Visit my father-in-law's home for the 1st time and make him some yummies
10. Design someone else's wedding and share a wedding design DIY
11. Start a YouTube channel to display said DIYs
12. Grow my own herbs and show a recipe for homemade bread with them
13. Get my first blog sponsorship and create a DIY to go with it
14. Go to the Epcot Food & Wine festival and wear a cute handmade accessory
15. Visit a natural spring... any DIY ideas for this?
16. Read through the Bible with my hubby and make cute bookmarks
17. Visit Dollywood (probably the least likely to happen, but hey this is my list here) and remake a Dolly song
18. Be fluent in Spanish and incorporate it into a project
19. Get my passport and make a case for it
20. Design a party for a friend's baby and show a decor DIY project
21. Buy a pair of cheap white shoes and design them however I want
22. Surprise my husband with a homemade gift
23. Drink the wine from my bachelorette day and make something with my bridesmaids
24. Visit Ohio and make a gift for my lovely friend Christina
25. Make my mema's famous rolls... sorry guys no DIY here, it's a family recipe
26. Purge my belongings and make a printable home inventory
27. Go to a water park and make a skin soothing lotion/toner in case I get sunburned
28. Get a serger and make linen napkins
29. Find a mentor and make her a gift
30. Get pregnant (I know this is really up to God) and come up with a cute baby DIY project!

Ok that's it! If you want to volunteer to help with any of them just let me know! HA! Be praying for me in these last 8 months before I turn 30!