Friday, April 13, 2012

Three Dollars at a Time

All this pain
I wonder if I’ll ever find my way
I wonder if my life could really change at all...

Gungor's Beautiful Things has really been that song for me lately that lets me know God's got my back. After years of bad record deals, shady producers, and corrupt business people it would be so easy for me to drop music, acting, and modeling. In fact, I did for awhile. After I moved out of New York (for the second time) I told God that I wasn't going back. Why had He given me talent if it was just going to keep leading me to heartbreak and discouragement? I promised that my life would only be focused on Him and that I wanted nothing to do with the industry from that point on.

Then I got an email... a girl from leadership class at church thought I'd be interested in auditioning for Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ, a faith-based non-profit to be the liaison for Christians to step into the world as missionaries in one of the most corrupt industries in the world. The purpose hit me hard and I knew that this was what God wanted from me. The years of pain I had been through trying to get "my break" were to make me stronger, so that I could now be a light to other girls going through the same thing. 

So I went and auditioned. I rapped, sang, walked, and talked. And at the end of my audition the Director of Operations for AMTC asked me to come down and talk to him. He asked if I was fully committed to doing this and if I realized that this is why God created me. I could only nod and tell him that this was all I ever wanted to do, and that in having a career in the industry I'd be able to support my nonprofit. So the next day I got a call back... for THREE talents. AMTC wanted me to come in as a singer/rapper, commercial model, and actor.

I prayed heavily before making my decision knowing that there was a hefty fee involved to be able to start training with them and to get into the showcase in front of hundreds of agents, casting directors, and record labels. I made the decision to go through with it and have all faith and trust in God that He will provide for this and this is where you come in.

I need to raise almost $5,000 before July and I can't do it without your support. This money will go towards show fees, training, headshots, and hotel costs for my showcase in July. My mom pointed out that if all of my facebook friends each donated only $3 I'd be done! So that's my goal - to reach $5,000... $3 at a time. Please see this as I do... one long missions trip and this is the money I have to collect to make it happen. There are so many people in the entertainment industry who have never had anyone share the love of Christ with them. How different would even just America be if there were more influential Christians sharing the gospel behind the scenes?

If you believe in what I'm doing and support my cause to be a light in a very dark world please donate to my PayPal account below. I have faith that God put this desire and talent in me for a reason and I hope you have that faith too. Thank you.

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