Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Legacy

     Family traditions and heirlooms are often thought of to be only for milestones or certain holidays. Things that are passed down tend to offer an emotional security blanket to the recipient. A sort of reminder that our friends and family have passed down something important for us to carry on. With that being said: it is a huge possibility that I will disown my children if they don't like football.
     I have a true love of football. You can thank my mom and uncles for my raucous yelling whether I'm at a game or in front of the t.v. - and the family football heirloom was passed down to them from my grandaddy. Football is more than gridiron and pigskins to me. It's my family legacy. Watching the game gives me time to reflect on what my grandaddy would say if he were there with me. He would playfully lecture me on reasons I should have stayed loyal to my family's dear Redskins rather than work for, and eventually befriend, the enemy... the Bucs. But then he would tell me it's okay on one condition... I must never, ever, under any circumstances... become a Cowboys' fan.

     When I had the chance to take my uncle, mom, and cousin to a game last season I jumped on it. I talked about it for weeks before game day. What I thought would be a great day of football and bonding turned into one of the most memorable days of my life, and all I could think of was how my grandaddy was probably watching over us and just laughing all day at the awesomeness of our experience. This was his hope for us, we were his children and grandchildren living out a legacy that he probably dreamed up in his lifetime. That day was a gift. That was my heirloom.

     I'm a big sports fan, and I have to be honest I don't think I could marry a guy that doesn't support that. A coach and his team are a great example of how a family should work. Football isn't about the money the players are making. It's about heart. It's about seeing people give everything they have as a team, when so often in life we work alone and rarely reach our full potential. My grandaddy was a steadfast coach. He lead us to be faithful... to God and football.

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